Public Health Concern

22 09 2009

Counterfeit drugs are a major Public Health concern. This is not just a concern in the United States, but more so a concern globally and in developing countries. This is such a detrimental problem because statistics and death rates are being changed because we believe that a person might die of let’s say malaria, but in actuality they die because the drug they were given was fake.

In today’s world of quick solutions and widespread availability, counterfeit medicines have become increasingly common around the globe. This means that everything is more available to everyone and anyone and therefore, counterfeit drugs can be accessed and purchased easier. Counterfeit drugs are being made all over the world today. Counterfeit drugs mainly affect the poorer countries, but are still prevalent in the United States. This is an enormous and underreported problem in the world today. Approximately up to 15% of all sold drugs are phony. In Asia and Africa the percentage of counterfeit drugs that are sold exceeds 50%, some sources have even said over 60%. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that this industry is not happening in warehouses or production lines, but that the drugs are being manufactured in people’s homes.

pharmaceutical drugs seized by the NAFDAC in Nigeria

pharmaceutical drugs seized by the NAFDAC in Nigeria.



One response

18 10 2009
The SareBear

My thoughts:
Allbeit true that counterfeit drugs are dangerous, I believe the real things are dangerous, as well. A lot of drugs that were miracle cures long revered by American doctors have a lot of terrible effects. Ritalin causes nerve damage. Klonopin causes mood disorders (instead of curing them!). And all the while, creating a chemical dependency.
Antibodies, although *some* are necessary, weaken the body’s immune system. Eventually, the body simply forgets how to fight the common cold.

I’m biased, and anti medicine. There is no convincing me.

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