Fake H1N1 Drug Warning!

16 10 2009

Today in the Sydney Morning Herald (Ocotber 17, 2009) at 7:39 am, their newspaper came out with this warning of counterfeit Swine Flu drugs. They are warning consumers not to buy these drugs online. Purchasing online drugs is dangerous in the first place and you have no idea what you are really buying. It is safer and smarter to buy drugs at a trusted pharmacy, NOT online. Here is the article. US watchdog Warns of Bogus H1N1 Drugs.

Some of the pills that were found had talc and acetaminophen. None of these are the active ingredient. The active ingredient needed is oseltamivir.

H1N1 Virus

H1N1 Virus

The FDA said, “increased risk of suffering life-threatening adverse events, such as side effects from inappropriately using prescription medications, dangerous drug interactions, contaminated drugs, and impure or unknown ingredients found in unapproved drugs,” for those who buy drugs online.

This flu has spread to 41 states now. People are visiting the doctor way more in regards to the influenza-like-illness and the numbers keep increasing. It is equal to or higher than what is seen at the peak of regular flu seasons. The CDC says, “In addition, flu-related hospitalizations and deaths are continuing to go up and are above what is expected for this time of year.”




2 responses

5 11 2009

Man, that is so interesting. It’s crazy what people will do for money. You’re blog is really awesome. You have so many amazing posts!

12 11 2009

I can’t believe that people are actually selling fake medicine! As if our country isn’t freaking out enough about H1N1. We don’t need another reason to be paranoid. Thanks for the info!

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