Increases and Wrong Ingredients

11 11 2009

Between the years 2000 and 2006 the WHO have witnessed an 800% increase of new counterfeit drug cases. The growth of these cases can be attributed to organized crime groups such as; the “Russian mafia,” Chinese triads, Mexican gangs, Colombian drug cartels, and also some terrorist groups. 60% of the cases being found are in developing countries. Counterfeit drugs are such a big problem because when the medicine, thought to be the correct one, has incorrect levels of the active ingredient which causes the weaker strains of the agent to be destroyed. Furthermore, it allows the drug-resistant strains to adapt to the active ingredient and multiply. This has been attributed to the doubling of malaria deaths in the past 20 years. The disease has become resistant to the real drugs because of the fake drugs.

What is very sad is not that the incorrect dose of the active ingredient is being put into medicine, but what is sad is the placing of an alternative incorrect chemical in the so-called medicine. In the early 1990’s there were many children in Haiti who died taking cough syrup which was made with antifreeze. The parents thought they were administering cough syrup to help the kids, but were actually giving them antifreeze.



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