Alli FDA warning

20 01 2010

Looking through recent news articles I came across a counterfeit weight loss pill. This weight loss pill seems very popular. I cannot walk through Wal-Mart or other regular market type stores and not come across this pill. I think it is very pertinent that we all be aware of the FDA warning and how even pills like this can be counterfeit and potentially hazardous to our health. I found this article today called FDA Warns of Counterfeit Alii Capsules, written by James Nixon on January 20, 2010. Below is the full article.

The Food and Drug Administration has warned consumers about the dangers of counterfeit copies of the popular weight loss medication; Alli. The health body claims that large shipments of imitation drugs are being distributed and passed off as the 60-milligram capsules that are commonly found in the 120-count refill kit.

The counterfeit pills are said to contain sibutramine as opposed to Alli’s active ingredient; Orlistat. Sibutramine is said to cause severe reactions if used in combination with other medications.

Experts say that consumers began to report cases of counterfeit Alli toward the back end of last year, although they were also keen to highlight the fact the majority of the products had been sold online, and as such, there is little evidence to show that they were traded through any other medium.

To spot the fake

The imitation pill looks similar to the genuine Alli capsules, although the packaging is said to display some slight differences. It is also important to look out for the dates on the packaging. The counterfeit drugs have a date that includes the month, day and year, whilst the real packaging simply displays the month and year. Imitation Alli capsules are contained in a bottle, complete with a taller cap.

Experts also recommend that the genuine article comes with a foil seal that reads “SEALED for YOUR PROTECTION”.

Know how to differentiate

A quick search online will bring up a whole host of cheaper, seemingly great value products. However, it is important that you consider that cheaper products are by no means manufactured legitimately, nor are they necessarily comprised of safe, approved active ingredients.

It is also important to consider that whilst there are a number of rogue products on the internet, we at WeightWorld source our products from credible, licensed pharmacies. All of our treatments are of the best possible quality and all prices reflect the fact that we only use the best possible suppliers.



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