Terrorist Threats

2 02 2010

Recently, I have been doing some research for another health class. I have been searching articles and found one that was published in the Washington Post on the 25th of January. It is around 4 pages long and discusses the problem with counterfeit botox. I wrote a post about this in October of 2009. The post is called Botox Trial. You can read a little more about this problem there.  This article was written by Joby Warrick.

Here is the article link. This article that I just discovered; however, discusses the botulinum toxin and the implications that it can be used by terrorists to hurt a vast majority of people through our food supply and water supply.

These threats are real. Terrorists have sought out this toxin. In the article it states that just a paper clip size amount of this toxin can kill thousands of people. The article states “A speck of toxin smaller than a grain of sand can kill a 150-pound adult.” What might keep you at peace is this bit of information state in the article, which says “The amount of poison in a prescribed dose is so small that a determined terrorist would have to obtain hundreds of vials at $400 each to kill even a single person, bioterrorism experts say.”

I enjoyed reading this article. To learn more about counterfeit drugs and the threats I would encourage you to read more of the article.



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