Online Pharmacies

4 04 2010

In today’s world we can buy virtually anything online; from nail polish, bed sheets, and music to medicines. It is a great blessing that we have such technology that allows the globe to be connected so quickly. Keeping in touch with relatives on the other side of the world has never been easier (I do not speak from much experience due to my age, but I am glad I was born into all this easily accessible technology).

When I typed “buying drugs online” into google the first few results were from the FDA. This gives me peace of mind because there are plenty of non-reputable sources that have an opinion on buying drugs online and say it is safe and cheap. Those two words will appeal to anyone if they are not educated enough in counterfeiting. The FDA lists some positive points and negative ones in regards to purchasing your medicines online.

Good points:

  1. Easier to get products without leaving your home.
  2. Check different sites for products and prices.
  3. Ask pharmacist questions privately.

Bad points:

  1. May not know the cause of your health problem. They could also give you the wrong medicine for your illness.
  2. Some sites will sell you prescription drugs even if you don’t have a prescription. This is against the law.
  3. Don’t protect your private information, like your credit card number.
  4. With Medicines sold online… some are fake, too strong or too weak, too old to work, are not approved by the FDA, are not labeled, are not stored or shipped right away, are not safe with out medicines or products you may use, not made using safe standards, and have things in them that could be harmful.

For a list of places to look for counterfeit drugs or more information visit my Related Links section. A link in that section I have posted is for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). They have a buying drugs online page and have reviews of online pharmacies that would be a big help in your quest to purchase pharmaceuticals online.

Another web page I find very helpful is called ScamWatch. They deal with a variety of online offenses; money order, medical, lottery, chain letters, banking, etc. VERY HELPFUL site!



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