International Property Enforcement Coordinator

25 06 2010

I was able to watch the IPEC webcast online. They mentioned a little bit about counterfeit drugs, but mostly about downloading music and how China is the biggest offender with counterfeiting medical devices. The hearing was about 2 hours and some of the Senators there seemed bored. It was funny they just had to announce how the U.S. won the game in the world cup. Anyways, here is just a quick paragraph of my notes that I took while watching.

Victoria A. Espinel talked the most in the beginning about counterfeits. They were also mentioned throughout the hearing, but nothing too new about the problem. China is the greatest counterfeiter of medical devices and there has not been a lot of improvement in China. They have created a counterfeit pharmaceutical agency committee that is geared towards helping the fight against counterfeits. They want to strengthen relationships with organizations. They are going to increase the efforts on enforcement with FDA and other agencies. Also facilitate infringement over the internet and reduce fraud online with various tools and strengthen IP enforcement.

Here is a press release on it for more information. It is called “Conyers and Smith Welcome IPEC Report and Urge IPEC Be Given Sufficient Resources

Here is another interesting article about global piracy that might be of interest to look at as well: “White House Touts Anti-Piracy Strategy




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