Cough Medicines May Become More Regulated

10 08 2010

I recently stumbled on an article called “Regulatory Overreach in the Making: FDA Sets Sights on Cough Medicines” on the American’s for Tax Reform (ATR) website. Grover Norquist wrote a letter to the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee. This article was written by Mattie Corrao on August 9, 2010. Since I am doing my internship here for ATR, I constantly look on the website and find good timely information.

This article about cough medicines focused more on the tax side. It makes sense considering where I retrieved the source, but regardless… To me, this means that cough syrup could potentially be counterfeited more. In reality every medication taken could be counterfeited, but when there is a need for something then it seems that people will go to great lengths to fill that need. That is a big reason there are counterfeits. Since the cough medicines might be more regulated, thus increasing health care costs, that means people are going to want to find cheap alternatives.

If our cough medicines become more regulated then, I believe, more counterfeits will pop-up in the United States and more people will be buying them. In the 1990s when I was just a child, there were children in Haiti that took cough medicine and died. The cough medicine was made out of antifreeze [Counterfeit Drugs: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You (Condensed Version)].  People stricken with poverty will usually buy any medication if it is cheap and could possibly help. If cough medicine is more regulated then more people will be buying them illegally.



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27 08 2010
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