Fake Condom Scheme Ends

12 08 2010

While searching “counterfeit” through Google News I found a very interesting article. A man had been sentenced to 37 months in prison for his part in trafficking more than a million fake Trojan condoms. There were 7 men involved in this scam; however, one man is still in China. The article can be found on the Wall Street Journal blog. The article was written by Chris Herring and is called ” Counterfeit Condom Scheme Ends in Prison for Queens Man.”

These men operated under the name ZX Trading Corp. and were able to make this scheme last for 6-years selling more than one million condoms and other counterfeit items. These other items included; barbie dolls, designer handbags, comic books, etc.  Jian “Jimmy” Wang, who is an American citizen from China receieved the 37 month sentence in Brooklyn.

This all started with customer complains about condoms which have not been complained about for a long time, but they believe the fakes are all removed from the market right now. Back in 2007 Trojan condoms began a huge hunt for counterfeit condoms and found massive amounts of fake ones in the basement of a dollar-store that was operated by Wang in New York. Later on investigators found more condoms in a storage unit owned by Wang.

This is really scary! We all trust products we purchase in the United States to be safe. This is a huge deal and not a lot of consumers understand the risk or they do, but are willing to take the risk. If you think there are counterfeit medicines you should report it so we keep the medical supply safe.



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