Uganda Ratifies Counterfeit Bill

16 08 2010

In recent news Uganda changed their Counterfeit bill. The changing of the bill has induced reactions. They ratified the bill due to pressure from civil society organizations. This article where I received the information from was posted August 16, 2010 and written by IPS. You can go to the website if you would like to email the author.


  • “The bill was corrected and the fears that generic drugs would be affected are no more,” said Mwoga.
  • “The government of Uganda should consider abandoning the Uganda Counterfeit Goods Bill 2010 as it will be superseded by the EAC bill. Further, the government should push for reform of the EAC bill in a bid to ensure the protection of the right to health through access to generic medicines,” she wrote in an opinion piece in the local newspaper the Daily Monitor.
  • Sandra Kiapi, a health rights lawyer, said that although the new version of the bill is an improvement on the original one because of the role it gives to the NDA, the bill still needs clearer definitions: “This bill excludes medicines from the definition of counterfeit goods but there are certain issues that activists are still raising, especially regarding the WHO definition of what constitutes a counterfeit drug.”



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