Google Finally Steps Up to the Battle Against Counterfeits

27 09 2010

In the past Google has not really done much in lieu of counterfeit medicines and webpages.  Microsoft and Yahoo and other search engine providers have done the same recently. I found an article from Securing Pharma called “Google Sues Online Pharmacies Peddling Fake Drugs” written by Phil Taylor. Since, my internship I have come to know more about this health problem and the problems advocates have had with getting Google on board to finally do something about the counterfeit websites.

Google is now filing a lawsuit against advertisers who have broken their rules. The article states “The number of pharmacies cited in the action has not been disclosed and Google is refusing to comment further on the action, but has indicated it will add any new rogue pharmacies it encounters into the suit.”

Near the end of the article it talks about how the efforts are not doing enough. It is helping the problem, but advertisers for rogue pharmacies are still appearing. I do not need to go into detail how bad this problem is. I am just happy Google finally is doing something and other search engines. Counterfeits need to be stopped. The more people on board with this the better it is for real pharmacies and consumers.




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5 10 2010

i see what you did there

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