Fake Drugs Harming Your Pet

1 10 2010

Most of the posts on here have been the detrimental effects of counterfeits harming humans. Well, it is about time I post about your beloved pets. Basically, you could go through this whole blog from the beginning to now and apply the same information to pets or anything else that may need medications. The FDA is now alarming pet owners of the dangers of discounted pet medications. If you are going to purchase pet products online, use credited sources from vets. I would hope if you would do that for yourself, you would do it for you pet.

Not all counterfeits are “bad.” They can also be placebos, but that does not help. It wastes your money and does not cure or help the illness of you or or pet. If  you go to the link HERE, you can watch a video and also read the full article I read to receive this information. There is no real new information. Just be careful and smart when purchasing from online. If you have a question, do not hesitate to visit your vet or call. They are there to help.

The FDA in the video above warns of two types of drugs they are most concerned about…

1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID)

2. HeartWorm Prevention

Go to your vet to get a checkup and ask them how you may get products at a  good price. Also visit http://www.VIPPS.com and you can receive information about medications. Vet Vipps is the logo to look for when looking at web pages and where to order from.




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