Happy New Year? NAFDAC Seizes Counterfeits

3 01 2011

A news article on January 2, 2011 came out about counterfeits in Nigeria. I am not surprised at all. During some research I have found a lot of counterfeiting news seems to stem from Nigeria. So HAPPY NEW YEARS… and read on.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has seized a trailer load of fake alcoholic drinks valued at N10 million (US$65,790). Also, 474 units of counterfeit products worth over N175,000 (US$1,152) were also seized from various retail outlets in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The fake drugs seized, according to the NAFDAC boss, were stored without a date on the packaging and they have various degrees of degradation, discoloration and disintegration. The fake drug importer was on the run, but his passport details were helping authorities track Mr. Innocent Okolie and he was soon arrested. He was distributing different types of counterfeits into nylon pouches.

In a recent effort made by the NAFDAC to get rid of fake drugs in outlets they have uncovered 117 units of Ciprotab tablets, 150 packets of Fansidar tablets and 19 packs of Fulcin and Nolicin which were un registered. They also used the technology called TruScan. The Director-General of NAFDAC Dr. Paul Orhii said in Ogun State, Truscan equipment was deployed in 38 retail outlet including Pharmacies and patent medicine stores, after the test a total of 220 products 33 failed while 187 passed.” He continued to say that according to TruScan the most commonly faked medicines found were, Fulcin, Fansida tablets, Ciprotab tablets, Artesunat tablets, Ampiclox capsules, Maloxine, Augmentin and Zinnant.

Members of the public were urged not to conusmer Flucin because Astra Zeneca, the manufacturer, has discontinued its production since 2002. Click HERE to read the whole article.




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