Guilty for Trafficking

30 01 2011

Recently, a Chinese national in Colorado pleaded guilty to trafficking and attempting to traffic in counterfeit medicines. The famous pharmaceutical weight-loss drug named “Alli” was the primary drug. On May 6, 2011, the 31-year-old Shengyang Zhou (AKA Tom) will be sentenced by Judge Brimmer.

He was first charged by Criminal Complain on March 5, 2010. In March 2010, he was arrested in Honolulu.He was indicted by a fed grand jury in Denver in April. Zhou then pleaded guilty on January 24, 2011. I have read many articles about warning the public about counterfeit Alli and how the FDA has put up many warnings for the fake products because, based upon analysis, they were found to be drugs that contained undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients. This includes the non-narcotic controlled substance called Sibutramine.

This substance can cause high-blood pressure, seizures, tachycardia, palpitations, heart attack, or stroke. It is not something to be messed around with. If you are wanting weight-loss products go through the proper channels. Actually, don’t try pharmaceuticals at all. Try getting out and going to the gym or eating less. Try the Twinkie diet even! Take pop/soda/coke out of your diet. Make little changes here and there. You’ll be much better off.

The investigation has gone on for a while and his website indicated the business operated a US branch outside of Plano, TX. Here is the good stuff. What is actually being done with him since he pleaded guilty. Or at least… what he faces:

  • He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison
  • $250,000 fine & restitution for the counterfeit goods

I felt this is a good statement that sums up the whole investigation. If you would like to read the whole thing click HERE. “Since these pharmaceutical counterfeiters frequently operate from overseas, it’s especially critical that our federal law enforcement agencies work together to identity, investigate, and prosecute these criminals,” said ICE director John Morton. “This case demonstrates how our agents pooled their experience, expertise, and law enforcement authorities to shut down this criminal enterprise, and help protect the public.”



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