Intellectual Property (IP)

2 03 2011

“We believe that a critical element in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy is to do a better job communicating what IP is and why it’s such a valuable part of our economy,” said ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier. From this quote I decided I should write a short post on IP and hope that you may understand it a little better. Mr. Carrier also goes on to say that “perhaps more imporantly, IP protection benefits consumers and society — providing consumers with innovative products and services in virtually every area of life, drives solutions to many of society’s most important needs — from clean energy, reduced carbon emissions and health care, and helps protect consumers from inferior and dangerous counterfeits.”

Recently, I wrote a blog post for Property Rights Alliance, which is a special project of American’s for Tax Reform. IP infringments is still a huge threat and problem around the world. There was a report released by the IPEC on Intellectual Property Enforcement states that ICE’s intellectual property investigations increased by more than 41% and arrests increased by more than 37% from 2009. The FBI’s intellectual property investigations increased by more than 44% from 2009. This is really an increasing problem and can only be stopped with education and the choices made by each individual.

Intellectual Property is defined as any innovation, commercial or artistic, or any unique name, symbol, logo or design used commercially.  It is protected by;

  • Patent on inventions
  • Trademarks on branding devices
  • Copyrights on music, videos, patterins, and other forms of expression
  • Trade secrets for methods or formulas having economic value and used commercially

I hope now that there is a little more understanding of intellectual property. If there are any questions please visit Property Rights Alliance or click HERE.




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