Fakers on Trial

7 04 2011

Today marks the third day of a trial against one Welshman and four others. They were involved in the most serious fake medicine scam that the European Union has ever seen. They  imported counterfeit pharmaceuticals from China and the UK, which are used for the treatment of prostate cancer, heart disease, and schizophrenia. They wanted to make money so they tried to pass the fakes off as genuine products. Not a big shocker, it is happening and has happened all around the world.

Andrew Marshall, prosecuting, told jurors that “this case is considered to represent the most serious breach of the medicine control regime – it’s the most serious breach that has happened in the EU. It has had far-reaching effects for the pharmaceutical industry, control mechanisms, patients and the confidence of the public.”

The drugs are listed:

  • Zyprexa: used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • Casodex: used to treat advanced prostate cancer
  • Plavix: used to treat ischemic heart disease

The man in China named Lu Xu, who was responsible for making the fake drugs, has been prosecuted by United States authorities and put in jail. These five men also face charges of selling or supplying Casodex and Plavix without a marketing authorisation and of selling or distributing counterfeit Casodex and Plavix. The jurors were sent out to consider their verdicts on Tuesday, following nearly four months of evidence. We will see what happens with this in the coming weeks or months.

Click HERE to view the original article.




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