Not Just Luxury Goods

3 05 2011

There is a 12 minute video I found on Youtube that is very informative about counterfeit medications.

He says you should be vigilant with your medications.

Key Points to keep in mind…

  1.  Ask  yourself: Do I need this medication? Think again before you find self treatment (Are you shy? Do you not want something on  your medical record?) Always buy drugs from approved places
  2. Check if the drug is available in your country. If it is not ask yourself why.
  3. Ask yourself if your buying behavior is safe… buying online? (Very risky!) Most of these sites are involved in organized crime, such as, prostitution, money laundering, credit card fraud, people trafficking, and identity theft, etc.  Is the site verified by VIPPS? Does it ask for your prescription?
  4. Once you get your medication… Look over  your package very carefully. Does it look like it is opened? Tampered with? Glue residue? The shrink sleeve look original? Look for needle holes in seals. Does the package looked like it has been recycled? Look for different fonts, misspellings, etc.
  5. Once opened… Does the product look the same as last time? Do all the packs in the consignment look the same? Has the color of the pill changed? Check for cloudiness in liquids or anything that is not normally there. When in doubt check with your pharmacist.
  6. Always keep your original packaging.
  7. Tell the truth to your doctor



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