Oregon Counterfeiters Busted

8 06 2011

This article does not have to deal with counterfeit pharmaceuticals, but it does deal with counterfeits and it just further proves the point that anyone of any age can be roped into this problem. Counterfeiting is all related. Property rights are damaged and lives can be damaged as well.

Six people were busted recently in Oregon for counterfeit money and drugs.

This started Thursday when two people; Seth Jokinen (30) and Shannon Smith (42) tried to pass off two fake $5 bills at a gas station. Prineville Police Chief Eric Bush told KBNW News, “I think the average person could discern them from a real $5 bill if they looked at them closely and paid close attention to them.”

This is an on going investigation and if anyone feels they have been given fake money, they are  encouraged to contact authorities.




One response

8 08 2011
Travis Johnson

I know I’ve made a fake $20 for a prank on April Fools Day back in High School. I guess I could’ve been busted pretty badly for it. Maybe I just wasnt stupid enough to try and spend it. I can see how counterfeit drugs can be related to starting off or resulting in people creating counterfeit money. Thanks for pointing that out to help me stay on the alert.

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