Counterfeit Plan B Warning

3 08 2011

The FDA warned the public about a fake morning after pill that may be in the US. It is called Evital. In the US there are no products by that name that are approved. The FDA is saying it may not be safe or even effective in preventing pregnancy. It is approved in South America, though.

This pill is approved in the Dominican Republic and the FDA is concerned that it is being distributed throughout Hispanic communities in the US. The packaging label of suspect counterfeit version says, “Evital Anticonceptivo de emergencia, 1.5 mg, 1 tablet”, by “Fluter Domull.” If you have taken Evital labeled as the 1.5 mg tablet and experienced any problems, you should call your doctor.

If you have any information about Evital, you should send an email to If you have questions or information.



2 responses

8 08 2011
Travis Johnson

Holy Cow! I’ll make sure my fiance and I don’t use that one on our honeymoon. Thanks for the new update

5 01 2013

thanks for your article,,but inow is this available in market,is any side efects while use this,or take any precautions plan b drug

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