Bar-coding Pharmaceuticals

18 08 2011

In New Delhi, pharmaceutical companies are going to start bar-coding their pharmaceuticals in order to trace medicines and hopefully bring down the counterfeit problem. The Drugs Controller General (DCGI) of India Surinder Singh said that companies would have time to comply in regards to the domestic industry’s concerns over the ability to comply with deadlines.

Track and trace bar-coding system allows the medicine to be traced and tracked to its source of origin. This is a needed advancement due to the fact that India is the third largest pharmaceutical producing country. In some countries this has already taken over, such as, Malaysia, China and to some extent Turkey.  Some of the complaints the industry has deals with the timeline, they are saying it is not realistic. Another complain comes from smaller companies and how it will be very costly to them.


Timeline of Bar-coding for exports:

June 30, 2011 – Tertiary level packaging (such as cartons)

January 1, 2012 – Secondary packaging (like packets)

July 1, 20120 – Primary level packaging (on bottles, vials or strips)




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