US Healthcare System Challenged

19 08 2011

Our United States Healthcare system is currently being challenged by a surge of illegal online pharmacies and illegal market drug deals.

There have been two separate studies that have shown the existence of a market where vendors are charging unfair prices for drugs or selling counterfeits. This is not new information; however, these recent studies are proving that there is a link between drug supply and shortages. It has been noted that 180 drugs, so far this year, have been in short supply. These range from cancer drugs to any kind of life saving pharmaceutical.

Illegal online pharmacies are popping up everywhere! Even more so than before. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) warns Americans on the dangers of purchasing medicines through illicit online pharmacies. They are reporting that 98 percent of illicit sites continue to operate out of compliance with the US pharmacy laws.

This information is very important and very alarming… According to the investigations, “one-third of the collected search results were of 7,000 infected websites that had redirected itself to a few hundred pharmacy Websites. One quarter of the top 10 search results was observed to actively redirect to illicit pharmacies, and another 15 percent of the top results were for sites that no longer redirected, but had previously been compromised.”

Please click HERE to read the whole article. This is just a quick summary of it.

It is not safe to buy from unknown vendors online. Studies have shown that they are sometimes not cheaper and are much more likely to be fraudulent. It would be smart for hospitals and patients to abide by  safety guidelines and receive drugs from reputable and licensed vendors and make sure they are not under investigation.




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