It Adds Up

21 09 2011

I found this short article about fake drugs and a quote stood out to me. I never really thought much about how people do not report a counterfeit drug they have purchased. I mean, no one likes to tell people about something stupid they did.

“People don’t like to report that they did something stupid. It’s just not human nature. Often it’s just $40 or $50 that people lose but if it happens to 100,000 people, it adds up.” – RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Sgt. Boyd Merrill.

Buying drugs online is not smart. It is best to purchase them from a pharmacy. If you must buy them online, you should buy them from VIPPS approved pharmacies and do some research on the company. Sgt. Merrill also said that more than 40 countries have taken part in international operations targeting the online sale of counterfeit and illegal medicines.




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