Combat Counterfeit Treaty Signed

30 10 2011
There have been new international efforts made last Friday, which includes Russia, France and Germany, who all singed the first EVER internatinal-treaty to combat the growing multibillion-dollar fake pharmaceutical industry. Ambassadors and diplomats of Austria, Finland, Italy, Israel, Iceland, Portugal, Switzerland and Ukraine have signed the treaty. The council of Europe-sponsored Medicrime convention, which was signed in Moscow, makes it so that states that signed it have to criminalize a broad range of activities that make possible the sale of fake medicines. The convention lays down basic rules/standards for the criminal law in those areas.
Estelle Steiner, Council of Europe media officer, says that “the global trend has been that these crimes were often not considered as serious enough to merit criminal law measures,” she also added that “in some countries, these activities have already been criminalized. In others, the governments will have to introduce new measures.”
This agreement from Moscow marks the beginning of greater international efforts on combating counterfeit medicines.  If you would like to read more from the article, please click HERE.



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