Facebook Helps Cops

14 11 2011

In Scotland, cash, drugs, and illegal goods have been seized after cops logged into the biggest social network known as Facebook in order to get the bad guys.

The police targeted Facebook advertising to link to the anonymous Crimestoppers reporting site. This was part of a huge campaign called “Made from Crime,” which launched on August 15 and people, for the first time, could send authorities tips. The article says that more than 280 police officers and staff were involved in the two days of action and had 25 addresses targeted and 44 people charged.

David Gordon, head of Lothian and Borders Police’s Serious Organized Crime Unit, said that “this campaign was deliberately designed to be ambitious and tenacious and target criminals who believed they could live lavish lifestyles from the proceeds of crime.”

This type of campaign could greatly help with counterfeit pharmaceuticals! This article doesn’t state that they found counterfeit drugs directly, but they found drugs, cash, and counterfeit goods. With counterfeit pharmaceuticals being such a big deal, this could easily aide in the reduction of counterfeit crime in the pharmaceutical industry.




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