Almost Counterfeit OD

9 01 2012

A man in Manila, Philippines had a plan to commit suicide by overdosing on sedatives. Hours later nothing happened to him, but little did he know that those were counterfeit drugs, which were confirmed by a lab. This is a very rare case, of course it is, usually people succeed when they try to OD on something. Ironic isn’t it? According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this is a rare case because counterfeits are usual killers. Most cases go unreported so it is hard to have good solid statistics. People usually do not know they are taking counterfeits, they blame their continued sickness on something else, people rarely attribute it to the “all curing” drugs they are taking.

We are all victims of this horrendous public health problem. Branded and generic products are counterfeited several ways, by being substandard (little amount of correct ingredients), false, outdated, or falsely packaged. FDA Director Suzette Lazo stated that “We are all victims of counterfeit drugs. The industry is a victim because they are cheated of the market that rightfully belongs to them. But it is the patient that suffers from the scourge of counterfeit drugs.”

A 2005 US FDA study estimates that worldwide sales of fake drugs exceed $ 3.5 billion a year. Every year the counterfeiters are getting better and better. Consumers need to be more aware of the drugs they are taking and where they are purchasing them from. Please click HERE for more information on how to tell if they are counterfeit and to read the original article.




One response

9 01 2012
Travis Johnson

A rare story indeed. I wonder if the man changed his mind about committing suicide after the failed attempt.

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