Avastin Importer Claims What He Did Was Legal

25 03 2012

I have posted about this earlier in February 2012. In summary, these fake cancer drugs called Avastin have been sold to at least 19 doctors and clinics in the United States.

Right now a federal grand jury has been convened with subpoenas going out to the various clinics involved. They are still trying to find the original source, thinking it is from China or India. The company called “Montana Healthcare Solutions” offered 400mg vials for a little less than $2000 USD ($400 less than manufactures price).

Recently a CBS reporter, Armen Keteyian, traveled to Barbados in the Caribbean to interview Tom Haughton, owner of the company selling the vials. While talking to Armen Keteyian, Haughton says, “I have nothing to hide… The businesses that I have are ethical, safe and legal.” He says it was safe because he followed protocol even though there was salt and starch, and acetone found in the drugs.

He goes on blaming everyone, but himself. He even says that the clinics, the ones purchasing the drug, are at fault. Stating that, “these clinics, they purchased this product, and we’re not in the U.S.,” said Haughton. “So I’m not sure what the U.S. laws are. They would have to make sure what they’re doing.”

This is just ludacris! Even when he was asked about the possibility of the drugs being made in a bath tub from some God forsaken place, he says that he will not speculate, but he knows he followed protocol and it is not his fault and says that his company bought the drugs through a regulated EU supply chain.




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