More Fake Avastin Found

4 04 2012

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found a second counterfeit version of the cancer drug called Avastin. It has been found in the U.S packaged as the Turkish brand of medication. Doctors purchased the counterfeits through Richards Pharmacy, which is a U.K.-licensed distributor.

These counterfeits do not contain the active ingredient that Avastin should contain for treating cancers of the colon, lung, kidney, and brain. The vials are packaged as Altuzan, Turkish version of Avastin, which are not approved for the use in the U.S.  The FDA warns that any packages with the lot number B6021 are considered counterfeit. Nothing harmful has been reported yet.

British regulators said that Richards Pharma imported 120 packs of fake Altuzan from Turkey and 38 of those were shipped to the U.S. The last two months I have reported on fake Avastin and it seems that more fake Avastin is appearing. This fake drug is moving through different channels of distributors. It is tough to say where they are originally from. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.



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