What Does ‘Safe Medicines’ Mean to You?

30 07 2012
  • Not going to be a victim of fraudsters and criminals on the internet
  • Saving millions of lives
  • Patient empowerment
  • Trust, faith, and confidence what I purchase out of a pharmacy is a quality product
  • Do more good than harm, doing what intended for, healing, and buy what intended to
  • Patient safety

What do they mean to you? To me I completely agree with the answers in the video (also written above). From all my research and reading the past few years, I’ve come to realize that trust and healing along with patient safety is what safe medicines do. Safety is one of the basic human needs. I also know that in this world, you cannot trust everyone and every product you purchase. In order to get your safety you need to be smart in what you are buying. If something is amiss – report it. It is sad that we have come to a world where you cannot be sure your medicines are safe. It really gets depressing thinking about it. Here you are sick, or even worse, your child is sick and you need medicine. What a tragedy it would be if those meds you purchased for your child were counterfeit and they were doing more harm than good internally? It would be crushing. Safe medicines means that you and your family can get the best that you deserve. All you can do is be smart and research. Doing all you can do is all you can do to ensure you get the best.

Counterfeit medications are becoming more sophisticated and harder to trace. The goal of the “bad guys” are to keep you feeling better so you think your medicine is working. I do not think they want to kill you, if they do that they have no patient. What are these counterfeiters without their consumers?




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