No One is Immune

23 08 2012

Yesterday, I went to a few pharmacies trying to find a certain prescription that I needed filled. While we were standing and waiting at the pharmacy on the Navy base while they tried to find the medicine (that they didn’t have), my husband pointed out a sign on the counter talking about counterfeits. This reminded me of my blog and the fact that it has been almost a month since I’ve written anything! Also that he goes, “that’s your expertise!” when he saw the sign. Now I don’t know that much, I just find it very interesting that there are millions and millions of Americans who get medications daily and don’t even hesitate.

Not every medicine is safe. Counterfeiting in any profession is bad. It undermines intellectual property and destroys brands, but I believe in the world of pharmaceuticals it is extremely bad. It can kill someone or kill more people by making that virus resistant to the drug. Purchasing a fake Prada bag can’t kill you. I’m all for intellectual property rights, don’t get me wrong, but counterfeit medicines needs to be more of a priority. This is one reason why I like writing on the subject and keeping a blog on it. A man by the name of Roger Bate, American Enterprise Institute, estimated that more than 100,000 people die every year from counterfeits. That’s a lot! People all over the world really don’t know about counterfeits and the strain they can have. No one is immune from counterfeit drugs. More than 97% of drug manufacturers online are fake.

Wall Street Journal did a study and found that in February, the Food and Drug Administration warned 20 U.S. clinics that they had received counterfeit versions of the cancer medicine Avastin. I had written a few blogs on this earlier. There are more compassion and more money being thrown in the direction of eradicating this heinous pandemic. If you want to read more in depth of what Lilly (pharmaceutical company) and other people are doing please click HERE.



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