Most Counterfeited Drugs

13 09 2012

I was recently looking at Partnership for Safe Medicine‘s website and came across this gem on the most counterfeited drugs! I know I’ve posted about what drugs are most counterfeited, but I couldn’t help but think a refresher post wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Here are the seven most counterfeited drugs:

  • Cardiovascular Medications
    If you suffer heart disease, you should be treated by a doctor, not a website that offers online diagnosis of your ailments. The real danger is that not only will patients not get the drugs they need, they will get a dangerous counterfeit instead.
  • Antibiotics
    Getting a counterfeit version of an antibiotic could make you sicker, simply because it does not cure your infection.
  • Cancer Drugs
    In recent years, fake cancer drugs had been found in Israel and China, and then again in February 2012 In the United States.
  • ED Medications (Erectile Dysfunction)
    The Pharmaceutical Security Institute reports that 37% of all fake medicines seized are ED drugs.
  • Treatments for Chronic Ailments Like HIV, Diabetes & Alzheimers
    Chronic ailments pose a great marketing opportunity for drug counterfeiters, because chronic ailments by their very nature respond at a more measured pace to treatment.
  • Painkillers and Weight Loss Medications
    Painkillers & weight-loss drugs have already been exploited by counterfeiters selling fake versions in the US. Get to know what your medications look like and be on the lookout for any packaging or labeling anomalies.
  • Psychiatric Medications
    A Google search for Xanax, Ativan, Adderrall, or Ambien will turn up hundreds of websites offering these powerful drugs without a prescription.

Unless you are aware of what you are taking and do your research, you could be taking a number of things into your body. Such as, road paint, poison, antifreeze, etc. For more information on how to protect yourself click HERE. This is a great article.




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