Counterfeit Vodka

16 09 2012

This blog is mainly for the pharmaceutical industry, but I thought this is a great example of what can happen and how close to home it can actually get. I don’t drink alcohol, so it doesn’t go close to my home, but what other products could there be in my house with the potential to be counterfeit? The answer is… EVERYTHING!

Recently, authorities in the Czech Republic have temporarily banned the sale of hard liquor form kiosks due to the number of people dying after consuming counterfeit vodka. We are now at the death count of 18 human beings. Deaths that should not have occurred. There are at least 24 others that are affected from the counterfeits. The deaths are being attributed to methanol contamination of the counterfeit and bootleg liquor.

Some of the people are thinking they consumed counterfeit versions of the Vodka brand sold by Likerka Drak and others believe to have purchased bootleg liquor. Like people who purchase a bootleg DVD or Louis Vuitton purse. Likerka Drak has issued a statement saying those with the methanol are counterfeit and they have warned consumers of the differences between the real and fake bottles.




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