Tanzania Handles Fake Drugs

9 10 2012

An article published Monday October 8 by The Citizen Reporter in Tanzania talks about a firm that was ordered to stop making drugs because fake ones were found. The Arusha-based Tanzania Pharmaceuticals Industries (TPI) were ordered to stop their manufacturing of antiretroviral drugs, known as ARVs, due to investigations on fake drugs that were found in some public hospitals. Dr. Seif Rashid said that in preliminary investigations established that the fake drugs went into circulation through the Medical Store Department (MSD), which is the only agency that distributes medical supplies to public hospitals. Earlier reports indicated that the counterfeit drugs resembled original ARVs manufactured and supplied by TPIL. But the fake drugs lacked some key ingredients and also grew fungus and changed color when stocked over time and they had mixes of different ingredients in them.

“The law demands that a drugs manufacturer alert  the authorities immediately when he/she finds out about imitation of his/her products (fake drugs),” Ms Madabida, who is also an MP with the ruling party CCM, told The Citizen (news source where the article was found). “We did exactly that by alerting the TFDA which, then, opened an investigation.” The Tanzania Commission of Aids says that 900,000 people are registered as Aids patients and only 55% of them were taking the drugs. They also clarified that, as the origin of both fake and genuine drugs is the same, TPIL should stop production of any kind of ARVs.

The good news is that actions have been taken and the remaining drugs are safe. The ministry has also formed a committee, comprised of experts from the ministry, National Aids Control Program, and Muhimbili National Hospital, of experts that’ll follow up closely with the use of ARVs in the country. Dr Seif said in the statement, “We urge all people under medication to continue using ARVs drugs because they are safe as the fake ones have already been removed from the hospitals.” He also added that the government is doing everything possible to ensure efficient supply of drugs to hospitals.

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