Toll Free SMS Service in Kenya

5 12 2012

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Limited has launched an SMS based platform that lets consumers verify if their medicines are genuine or not. It will be a toll free service and GSK would bear the full cost of the project. GSK Managing Director John Musunga revealed that they are launching a pilot program with two of their prescription products (Augmentin 625mg tablets and Zentel 400mg tablets) that will let the patients verify the medicine that they are buying thorugh GSK.

Musunga explains that “the costs at the moment are prohibitive to rolling this out nationwide to all patients, so hopefully with this pilot we’ll be able to come back with all stakeholders so we can develop a program that can be sustainable to patients and the government as well.” To ensure that it will be available GSK has partnered with all mobile service carriers so that there is access through all networks. He explained that the project’s aim is to differentiate products supplied by the firm in order to promote customer confidence and trust. They know that other companies have tried this on a much smaller scale (lots of patients didn’t even know) and they plan on letting patients know about it and run the SMS project throughout the whole country.

This will require that the patients scratch off a security label on the prescription which will show them a code that will be able to be sent to 15629 to receive a confirmation whether their product is genuine or fake they hold in their hands. The campaign will be rolled out in Kenya and subsequent launches will follow in Tanzania.




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