Irish Engineering Company Leading Counterfeit Fight

19 06 2013

Fake pharmaceuticals are a huge problem all over the world, as I’m sure most of you know. Hopefully, if not, take a stroll around the blog and you’ll quickly see that it is and YOU need to be aware. In Europe alone, in 2009, More than 11 million counterfeit or illegal medicines were seized at its borders.

Most counterfeiters have access to pretty high-tech equipment that enables them to produce such authentic looking pharmaceuticals that make it almost impossible to tell they’re fake. Most of these drugs would have ended up being sold online by illegitimate or unethical companies and many would have found their way into legal distribution systems such as hospitals and pharmacies – putting those seriously ill at risk.

An Irish company named Horizon is working with the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad to implement systems to guarantee the drugs are genuine. Aiden Corcoran, Horizon’s managing director, said that the company has finished trials with three pharmaceutical companies on implementing serialization systems.

Horizon is currently installing systems for multinationals and Indigenous pharmaceutical companies in Ireland, Belgium, and the US. The “track and trace” or serialization systems help the pharma sector control supply chain security, patient safety and compliance with future regulatory requirements. These types of systems can also be implemented in the food and medical devices sectors as well.



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