FDA Sting Operation

10 07 2013

The Food and Drug Administration performed a sting operation and busted more than a thousand illegal pharmacy websites that were allegedly claiming to be based in Canada. They were actually based in America and were selling counterfeit medication. The FDA had chemists check the pills of the various drugs that they purchased from the websites and they found they were in fact fake. They also had a team working on the website to determine its origin.

Much of the illegal distribution was based around a network called EvaPharmacy, which makes approximately $2.7 million USD per month  from around 30,000 orders. Hopefully this sting will have broken up this drug ring, supposedly the bust is expected to be a major blow to a complex web of online drug distribution that “appears to be highly nimble,” according to the agency. This network had carefully constructed websites to appear to be from real pharmacies like CVS, Walmart or Walgreens. Federal agency warning banners displayed across Web sites like “www.walgreens-store.com” and “http://www.c-v-s-pharmacy.com/” now indicate that they are fraudulent and illegal. The U.S. government says it seized the domain names of the sites to prevent third parties from acquiring the Web site URLs and using them to commit additional crimes.

It was easy for the agents to buy these drugs online, they didn’t even need to show they had prescription for arthritis drugs . That’s one red flag right there, if you’re going to buy drugs online. On the website it also rewarded the buyer with four bonus Viagra pills. After making the “purchase” the pills arrived two weeks later with a post mark from India. The drugs inside were not Celebrex or Actos- or even Viagra. Instead they were drugs that were illegal to sell in the United States in any forms (the names of the illegal drugs were not released).

There were 1,677 illegal pharmacy Web sites shut down by the FDA last month in this sting operation.  It may be the largest organized crime network that you have never heard of, and it deals in counterfeit drugs. This is really scary. Please be aware when purchasing ONLINE.



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