Fake Avastin Key Player Gets Sentenced

22 07 2013

Not too long ago, I wrote a few blog posts last year (March 2012 & April 2012)  dealing with the fake cancer drug, Avastin, circling around the USA. The key player in this scandal, Paul Daniel Bottomley, has been sentenced for selling unapproved, misbranded and counterfeit cancer drugs to U.S. physicians. The sad thing is… he won’t spend his time in prison. He made an estimated $4.5 million USD in cash and property purchased from the sale of illegal pharmaceuticals, which he had to turn over to the authorities.

When all this was unfolding last year, the FDA launched an all-out effort to catch the main culprits and they wanted to make sure they would serve jail time in hopes to send a message to others. The Montana judge, Dana Christensen, who sentenced him, obviously, didn’t feel that was needed and gave him house arrest. He was sentenced to 6 months of house arrest and five years of probation because of his cooperation with authorities.

“Those like Bottomley, who ignore the law and circumvent the regulatory framework, are playing Russian roulette with the health of the American public,” U.S. Attorney for Montana Mike Cotter said in a news conference after the sentencing in Missoula. Bottomley has been doing this for years!

The drugs were distributed through a company, Montana Health Care Solutions, set up by Bottomley that was founded in 2008 and later sold in 2010 and was called Rockley Ventures, which in turn was a division of his Internet pharmaceutical company called Canada Drugs Ltd. Even though he sold his company, he was still held on as an advisor making $10,000 a month. The fake drug was being sold for $1,700 per vial, compared to the normal cost of nearly $2,300 per vial.

Click HERE, for the FDA Office of Criminal Investigations US Department of Justice Press Release.




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