Stiffer Penalties in Nigeria

7 11 2013

This is good news! I love seeing things like this in the world of counterfeits! Dr. Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, Kwara State Governor, has called on the National and State Houses of Assembly make stiffer penalties in regards to the production and supply of counterfeits. This is in hopes to reduce the tragic and harmful impact of fakes in the country. He made this request this past Tuesday at the opening ceremony of the 86th Annual National Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria.

Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed has said, “Another vital component of patient care is the availability of quality drugs. Unfortunately, unscrupulous elements continue to sneak substandard drugs into the health delivery system thus putting the health of patients in jeopardy.” He still believes there is much work to do.

His administration has established the fake and counterfeit drugs task force and a Drug Abuse Control Structure to check on fake drugs and drug abuse. With wanting stiffer penalties, he further asked the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria to ensure that the new drug distribution guideline was implemented in all the states of the federation as part of strategies to check fake drug incidents in the country. He also canvassed for rigorous research into herbs to determine their efficacy and safety so that the nation could benefit from the therapeutic and economic advantages of alternative medicine.





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