Testing Medications Purchased Online

24 11 2013

It’s refreshing to see news stations and such posting about the dangers of purchasing medications online. As a society, we seem to do a lot of online shopping for various things – always looking for a better deal. I certainly do. Especially now since I live in a small town with no real stores, with the exception of Walmart and HEB. Other than that, you have to drive 45-60 minutes to get to a Target, Ross, Best Buy, the Mall, etc. Thank you Navy. Haha. So the past few months, I’ve been buying more things online. It saves time and wear on our vehicle.

Last year, it was estimated that $75 billion worth of counterfeits were UNKNOWINGLY purchased! A huge one in the states last year, was the fake Avastin (cancer drug) that was distributed widely. The fake drug didn’t contain any active ingredients to treat colon, lung, kidney and brain cancers.

Channel 3 news from Ohio decided to purchase drugs online from doing a simple Google search for “online pharmacies.”  The websites looked legit too – Each of the sites offers an array of prescription drugs, from name-brand to generic. Photos of people in lab coats, looking like doctors or pharmacists are displayed on the pages.. They purchased two popular medications known as Lipitor (cholesterol lowering drug) and Viagra (erectile dysfunction drug).

After ordering the drugs, they arrived a few weeks later. The first thing we noticed were the customs forms on each of the packages. One said the package contained “plastic beads.” Another said “cards” and then a third said “harmless medicine.” When they opened the packages, the drugs looked real, but they noticed they were cheated on the number of Viagra pills and were sent the generic brand name of Lipitor, even though they paid for the brand name. They sent them off to get the drugs tested and they were fake.  In one batch, lab technicians found the anti-inflammatory medication diclofenac mixed in, for no apparent reason. Mixing drugs is and can be very harmful.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy reviewed more than 10,000 pharmacy sites and found that only 3 percent were in compliance with pharmacy laws and standards. You may think you are logging on to a local website or even a Canadian website. But it’s actually known as an affiliate, and probably based in another country, for example Ukraine. This is crazy! Right? You just never know what you will be getting when purchasing drugs online. PLEASE be careful when purchasing drugs online. I’ve said that countless times in my posts. Do not play with your life by trying to get the better deal. Stay safe.




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