Dr. Oz Talks Counterfeits On His Show

4 04 2014

It has been since the end of January that I have written a post on here! I’ve been super busy. I started EMT training and that takes a lot of my time. I finally have a few minutes and I searched for some news articles and found one that I thought was pretty interesting. Two days ago, Dr. OZ talked about how to avoid counterfeit drugs on his show! It was very informative. I highly suggest you watch it.


Dr. Oz said counterfeit drugs have flooded the U.S. market, so you could be taking fake “impostor” pills made from dirty factories. Most of these drugs can contain deadly or just plain “everyday” ingredients like chalk, talcum powder, car paint, floor wax, rat droppings, etc. On the show, his guests were Elizabeth Jungman, who is the director of drug safety at the Pew Charitable Trusts, and economist Dr. Roger Bate, an expert on drug quality.

“What is most alarming is that they look almost identical to their counterfeit parts” – Dr. Oz.

“Primarily over the internet, is where you find fake drugs.” – Roger Bate

“counterfeiters are targeting consumers largely online. A recent study found that out o f 1,000 pharmacies about 97% of them were problematic. 88% of those weren’t even asking for a prescription.” – Elizabeth Jungman

To watch the show, click HERE or watch it on YOUTUBE (pt. 1) and YOUTUBE (pt. 2)!

To avoid counterfeits:

  • Purchase only from online pharmacies that are VIPPS approved and use pharmacychecker.com. Do not believe the seal you see on a website
  • Don’t answer spam emails!
  • Avoid online pharmacies that don’t require a prescription and price too good to be true.
  • Don’t buy drugs from online pharmacies that you cannot reach by phone. They don’t answer normally and that’s the first sign.



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