Police Stop Woman on Street Selling Counterfeits

7 12 2015

150515_2020_2_1014_16x9_992I was looking at counterfeit drug videos today and found one from ABC news posted this past summer about a women on the street allegedly selling counterfeit prescription drugs in LA.

Please click HERE to watch the short video.

She says she wasn’t selling any and then they even ask her if she is worried about her customers taking these and she flat out says, “no” while shaking her head. He continued to ask her, “are you worried about the medicine?” She was then silent. Investigators say she’s likely part of something much larger. They believe foreign counterfeiters are supplying her. Then the reporter asks, “how much money do you make in a week?” She said about $800 or $600 a week. The policeman then says that it’s a lie. To which he says, she easily makes $1,000 in a week.

People are saying they are having reactions to the drugs she gave them and they think it’s safe because it has the company’s info on it and the woman is older – they trust her. So they believe it’s from that company and it’s safe. You need to be careful with what you buy and where you buy it from! Be smart.

Here is a transcript from the video clip if you’d like to read it, I copied it from ABC…

Transcript for To Catch a Fake: Find Out the Dangers of Counterfeit Merchandise
Next tonight our yearlong investigation more than a trillion dollar industry counterfeit goods you might not know even half we certainly did. We’ve got access to the secret warehouses all over this country just like the one you see here behind me seizing counterfeit goods prescriptions that can easily end up in your medicine cabinet. Tonight a first look here one family and the air bags in their car they had no idea it was counterfeit. Tonight investigators will reveal too was to counterfeit goods in every corner of our home. What to look for in your Smartphone the bike helmets to toothpaste with antifreeze. And the make up what’s really inside and this suburban family stunned by their air bag and our test. Tied it with a Larson’s for full from California and Bob this is my way examined the Larson’s reaching out to lust. Standing in front of their used car they bought it knowing they needed to replace the air bag. But what they didn’t know was at the air bag they bought online. Was from this guy thing the man who owned this home and Indian trail North Carolina. Who tonight is behind bars the man accused of selling fake car parts look at what investigators say they found in Igor boarding home. More than 15100 fake airbags. 60000 dollars in cash hidden in the walls. Authorities say he sold one point seven million dollars were on eBay calling himself airbag pros labeled a top rated seller. We felt later the guy who had told us some drivers. But air bags had social bum bags we offered a total lotions car to an authorized dealer to have their airbag replaced with a authorized Honda replacement. And we were about to testy airbags they’ve been riding around with first set off a real airbags. And now these air bag that was in the Larson’s car to war and and Sean Armstrong shrapnel news had a fist full plastic. We have a piece of the airbag cover over here. Probably about forty feet from the actual explosion on the air. Do you imagine this being in the driver’s. Face of a car. That’s just one moment in this hour tonight the investigation breaks just hours from now in tonight to see what we found in the make up. The bike helmets the Smartphones and those storefronts that all say Canada drug so many Americans looking for cheaper medication. But did any of it come from Canada. And what was really inside the medicine when it arrived our special 20/20 to catch a fake that’s tonight at 10 PM eastern I’ll see right here a little later.



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