Police Stop Woman on Street Selling Counterfeits

7 12 2015

150515_2020_2_1014_16x9_992I was looking at counterfeit drug videos today and found one from ABC news posted this past summer about a women on the street allegedly selling counterfeit prescription drugs in LA.

Please click HERE to watch the short video.

She says she wasn’t selling any and then they even ask her if she is worried about her customers taking these and she flat out says, “no” while shaking her head. He continued to ask her, “are you worried about the medicine?” She was then silent. Investigators say she’s likely part of something much larger. They believe foreign counterfeiters are supplying her. Then the reporter asks, “how much money do you make in a week?” She said about $800 or $600 a week. The policeman then says that it’s a lie. To which he says, she easily makes $1,000 in a week.

People are saying they are having reactions to the drugs she gave them and they think it’s safe because it has the company’s info on it and the woman is older – they trust her. So they believe it’s from that company and it’s safe. You need to be careful with what you buy and where you buy it from! Be smart.

Here is a transcript from the video clip if you’d like to read it, I copied it from ABC…

Transcript for To Catch a Fake: Find Out the Dangers of Counterfeit Merchandise
Next tonight our yearlong investigation more than a trillion dollar industry counterfeit goods you might not know even half we certainly did. We’ve got access to the secret warehouses all over this country just like the one you see here behind me seizing counterfeit goods prescriptions that can easily end up in your medicine cabinet. Tonight a first look here one family and the air bags in their car they had no idea it was counterfeit. Tonight investigators will reveal too was to counterfeit goods in every corner of our home. What to look for in your Smartphone the bike helmets to toothpaste with antifreeze. And the make up what’s really inside and this suburban family stunned by their air bag and our test. Tied it with a Larson’s for full from California and Bob this is my way examined the Larson’s reaching out to lust. Standing in front of their used car they bought it knowing they needed to replace the air bag. But what they didn’t know was at the air bag they bought online. Was from this guy thing the man who owned this home and Indian trail North Carolina. Who tonight is behind bars the man accused of selling fake car parts look at what investigators say they found in Igor boarding home. More than 15100 fake airbags. 60000 dollars in cash hidden in the walls. Authorities say he sold one point seven million dollars were on eBay calling himself airbag pros labeled a top rated seller. We felt later the guy who had told us some drivers. But air bags had social bum bags we offered a total lotions car to an authorized dealer to have their airbag replaced with a authorized Honda replacement. And we were about to testy airbags they’ve been riding around with first set off a real airbags. And now these air bag that was in the Larson’s car to war and and Sean Armstrong shrapnel news had a fist full plastic. We have a piece of the airbag cover over here. Probably about forty feet from the actual explosion on the air. Do you imagine this being in the driver’s. Face of a car. That’s just one moment in this hour tonight the investigation breaks just hours from now in tonight to see what we found in the make up. The bike helmets the Smartphones and those storefronts that all say Canada drug so many Americans looking for cheaper medication. But did any of it come from Canada. And what was really inside the medicine when it arrived our special 20/20 to catch a fake that’s tonight at 10 PM eastern I’ll see right here a little later.

Erectile Dysfunction Drug Market Declining

22 10 2015

According to a news site called Globe Newswire and from a report by the Transparency Market Research, the global erectile dysfunction drugs market is anticipated to decline at a CAGR of -4.5% during the forecast period from 2013 to 2019. This market was valued at US$4.3 billion in 2012 but is, however, expected to reach an estimated value of US$3.4 billion in 2019.

In the Overview section of the report it states, “Factors such as the growing elderly population, increasing awareness and patient education, elevated inclination towards a sedentary lifestyle, and growing incidence of several genitourinary diseases are expected to drive the growth of the global erectile dysfunction drugs market. Nevertheless, factors such as growing threat from counterfeit drugs, prevalence of STDs in ED drug users, and diminishing insurance coverage for ED treatment will greatly hamper the growth of the market.”

Basically, the market for erectile dysfunction will be going downhill because of counterfeit medications, the rising rate of STDs, and the lack of coverage for the pills. I normally write more exclusive pieces on counterfeiting, but I thought this was interesting because of the way counterfeits are messing up with the drug market.

The top three erectile dysfunction drugs in the market are Cialis (tadalafil), Staxyn/Levitra (vardenafil), and Viagra (sildenafil citrate). Please click HERE to read more about the report. Transparency Market Research (TMR) is a global market intelligence company providing business information reports and services. The company’s exclusive blend of quantitative forecasting and trend analysis provides forward-looking insight for thousands of decision makers. TMR’s experienced team of analysts, researchers, and consultants use proprietary data sources and various tools and techniques to gather and analyze information.

Cancer Center in Southern Texas Pleads Guilty

30 04 2015

This is a little near and not-so-dear to my heart. My husband and I recently lived in Texas, close to Corpus Christi actually. I even drove to Corpus for physical therapy appointments and for mall shopping. My husband is in the Navy and we were stationed at NAS Kingsville. So when I saw this news article about Nueces county Cancer Center, I knew I had to read it and write a post on it!

The FDA received information from United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency that fake cancer medicines may have illegally been imported in the USA. So they investigated and found that the Cancer Center was one of several clinics in the USA that purchased mis-branded foreign drugs from the distributor that was importing the counterfeit drugs. This Corpus Christi-based South Texas Comprehensive Cancer Centers PLLC (STCCC) provided care and treatment for patients with cancer and blood diseases

Basically, Dr. Mohamad Ayman Ghraowi pleaded gulity on behalf of Corpus Christi-based South Texas Comprehensive Cancer Centers PLLC (STCCC) to a violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced. The doctor pleaded guilty on behalf of the Corpus Christi based South Texas Comprehensive Cancer Centers. With his guilty plea, the corporation will have to surrender $900,000 (which was the cost of the fake drugs) and the corporation will be under probation the next five years.

Dr. Oz Talks Counterfeits On His Show

4 04 2014

It has been since the end of January that I have written a post on here! I’ve been super busy. I started EMT training and that takes a lot of my time. I finally have a few minutes and I searched for some news articles and found one that I thought was pretty interesting. Two days ago, Dr. OZ talked about how to avoid counterfeit drugs on his show! It was very informative. I highly suggest you watch it.


Dr. Oz said counterfeit drugs have flooded the U.S. market, so you could be taking fake “impostor” pills made from dirty factories. Most of these drugs can contain deadly or just plain “everyday” ingredients like chalk, talcum powder, car paint, floor wax, rat droppings, etc. On the show, his guests were Elizabeth Jungman, who is the director of drug safety at the Pew Charitable Trusts, and economist Dr. Roger Bate, an expert on drug quality.

“What is most alarming is that they look almost identical to their counterfeit parts” – Dr. Oz.

“Primarily over the internet, is where you find fake drugs.” – Roger Bate

“counterfeiters are targeting consumers largely online. A recent study found that out o f 1,000 pharmacies about 97% of them were problematic. 88% of those weren’t even asking for a prescription.” – Elizabeth Jungman

To watch the show, click HERE or watch it on YOUTUBE (pt. 1) and YOUTUBE (pt. 2)!

To avoid counterfeits:

  • Purchase only from online pharmacies that are VIPPS approved and use pharmacychecker.com. Do not believe the seal you see on a website
  • Don’t answer spam emails!
  • Avoid online pharmacies that don’t require a prescription and price too good to be true.
  • Don’t buy drugs from online pharmacies that you cannot reach by phone. They don’t answer normally and that’s the first sign.

Testing Medications Purchased Online

24 11 2013

It’s refreshing to see news stations and such posting about the dangers of purchasing medications online. As a society, we seem to do a lot of online shopping for various things – always looking for a better deal. I certainly do. Especially now since I live in a small town with no real stores, with the exception of Walmart and HEB. Other than that, you have to drive 45-60 minutes to get to a Target, Ross, Best Buy, the Mall, etc. Thank you Navy. Haha. So the past few months, I’ve been buying more things online. It saves time and wear on our vehicle.

Last year, it was estimated that $75 billion worth of counterfeits were UNKNOWINGLY purchased! A huge one in the states last year, was the fake Avastin (cancer drug) that was distributed widely. The fake drug didn’t contain any active ingredients to treat colon, lung, kidney and brain cancers.

Channel 3 news from Ohio decided to purchase drugs online from doing a simple Google search for “online pharmacies.”  The websites looked legit too – Each of the sites offers an array of prescription drugs, from name-brand to generic. Photos of people in lab coats, looking like doctors or pharmacists are displayed on the pages.. They purchased two popular medications known as Lipitor (cholesterol lowering drug) and Viagra (erectile dysfunction drug).

After ordering the drugs, they arrived a few weeks later. The first thing we noticed were the customs forms on each of the packages. One said the package contained “plastic beads.” Another said “cards” and then a third said “harmless medicine.” When they opened the packages, the drugs looked real, but they noticed they were cheated on the number of Viagra pills and were sent the generic brand name of Lipitor, even though they paid for the brand name. They sent them off to get the drugs tested and they were fake.  In one batch, lab technicians found the anti-inflammatory medication diclofenac mixed in, for no apparent reason. Mixing drugs is and can be very harmful.

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy reviewed more than 10,000 pharmacy sites and found that only 3 percent were in compliance with pharmacy laws and standards. You may think you are logging on to a local website or even a Canadian website. But it’s actually known as an affiliate, and probably based in another country, for example Ukraine. This is crazy! Right? You just never know what you will be getting when purchasing drugs online. PLEASE be careful when purchasing drugs online. I’ve said that countless times in my posts. Do not play with your life by trying to get the better deal. Stay safe.

Ukrainian Counterfeiter Imprisoned

19 08 2013

Back in May 2013, the State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products has stopped the operation of Kaskad-Medical Trade House LLC, which is an exclusive representative of Germany’s Heel pharmaceutical company. They stopped the operation for allegedly trading in counterfeit medicine. An unscheduled inspection by the SAUMP of Cascade Medical’s premises in Kiev found 3.9m packages of counterfeit and unlicensed worth around 300m Ukrainian Hryvna (around $37m).

In July 2013, the executive director was sentenced to four years in prison. Counterfeit medicines, raw materials and equipment for their production, according to the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products (SAUMP) was confiscated.

Fake Friends

23 07 2013

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) has posted a short video on their website that describes the dangers of counterfeit drugs through the mouth of a genuine pill. The IFPMA advocates policies that encourage discovery of and access to life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to improve the health of people everywhere.

  • They can be called spurious, falsified, falsely-labeled, fake, or my favorite counterfeit. They all are the same.
  • 124 countries have been impacted by these impostors with over 530 different products that have been counterfeited!
  • Sold on streets, websites, and even in pharmacies.
  • They increase resistance to treatment, illness, disability, and even death.

Every day, fake medicines find their way into online and physical pharmacies, hospitals, and street markets. This plague knows no borders. In the best case scenario, fake medicines leave patients with no side-effects but also without a cure. In many other cases, however, they can kill people. We have to get smarter than the criminals to put a stop to this silent public health threat. This video stars a genuine pill who explains the danger of fake medicines and their impact on our societies. Patients, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, carers, regulators, and policy makers need to be on the lookout, and everybody needs to better understand the danger of fake medicines and how to stay safe. Please help us raise awareness on fake medicines by sharing this video, tweeting it, talking about it, and showing it to the people that you care about… and tell us what you think about it.