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There are no walk-a-thons  or fundraisers pertaining directly to counterfeit drugs. As a person though, you can watch for counterfeit drugs and contact your local pharmacy if you suspect anything. You can also educate yourself by reading this blog or looking at the other links I have posted and finding more information there. This problem is not that “popular.”Maybe that is something you can do, is to promote awareness in your community!!!

  • September is the National Recovery month for alcohol and drug addiction. You may wonder what this has to do with counterfeit drugs? Well, any drug you buy you are at risk for buying fake ones. Drug addicts will buy any drug or take any drug they can get their hands on, usually. This is a yearly campaign during the month of September. Here is a link to the website: Recovery Month.
  • H.E.R.O: A campaign Poster from the Phillipines.

  • Here is a WHO/IMPACT campaign:


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29 03 2012
Marv Shepherd

Very nice web site; Contains excellent information, well organized.
Marv Shepherd
Partnership for Safe Medicines
an organization dedicated to fighting counterfeit medications

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